Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure these are no longer functional in any modern browser (as of Dec 2022). The animations seem to work and you can still run and jump around the screen but I haven’t been able to get the audio working.  I’m going to leave them up for now and it’s possible that in the future I’ll re-compile them and post the results.

Each song is featured separately for now as web browsers have some catching up to do when it comes to audio handling.   The mixer was built using the incredibly useful tool Construct 2 which you can and should try (for free even).  They are constantly releasing super useful updates which should eventually allow me to compile this as one downloadable unit available for iOS, Mac, PC, Linux and more.

  1. Outage With Candles
  2. Oh, How Romantic
  3. Close Rain
  4. Stuck In The Room
  5. Connected To The Breath
  6. I Know, I Know


Feel free to use the comments section for reporting any bugs and I’ll handle them ASAP.  Some known issues:

– Next / Previous song buttons sometimes load the page within the iframe.

– Limited Advanced Audio support from browser.  This makes a Panning non-functional.   Firefox is currently working on including this feature in upcoming releases.

2 Bit

  1. slim says:

    Well done! The app is very nice and fun .
    I found a little bug in the layout of “i know i know” song , the name’s song didn’t match , it says ‘outage with candle’ instead.
    Keep doing the awesome things you do !

    • subPixel says:

      Thanks! Good catch on the title. Somehow in 2-3 years I didn’t see that. There have been a lot of great updates with Construct 2 since publishing this so I might end up making something new in the future.

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