Outage With Candles

This song was easily the hardest to cut up and reassemble for the interactive mixer. It’s very spastic and required doubling many of the chiptune melodies on multiple instruments to get the tones right. Therefor the same signal had to be split between mixer channels, but when you stack audio with the exact same wave patterns, the audio volume doubles as opposed to just similar tones playing the same notes, where the volume increase is much more subdued. The resulting bummer is that the chiptune volume jumps from time to time, you get me? You might notice things, I might tell you why.

I strongly recommend Chrome or Opera because they offer the most HTML5 support so it’s faster and all the features should work properly. Feel free to use the comments section for reporting any bugs and I’ll handle them ASAP.  Click Here to view some known issues.

2 Bit

  1. Zoltan says:

    This is amazing dude!

    • subPixel says:

      Hey thanks! I’m glad it worked for you. I’ll definitely be doing some more stuff with Construct 2 in the future.

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